Acting Through Harmony



 Acting as a Harmonist means living each moment grounded in the union of earth and spirit. By showing what it means to be a Harmonist, we become Harmonists, incarnating the spirit and making the earth sacred.


Techniques for uniting with the divine on a daily basis


1. Scratch a dog.

2. Listen.

3. Sing.

4. Work.

5. Let the inner light shine through you; do not shine yourself.

6. Do not confuse or conflate your finite, limited self with the infinite,  unlimited spirit.

7. Understand deep relationships and connections.

8. Act from context and always keep perspective in mind.

9. Keep in mind that it is easy to write and to speak but hard to act.

10. When faced with inner compulsion, one can try to fight it or go  with it. At such times, there is no easy answer. One must live  with the results as well as must those who are affected by it.

11. Act from respect and the knowledge for the divine that is the  underlying basis for all existence, despite all appearances to  the contrary.

12. Be patient, even when it hurts.

13. Create beauty.

14. Nurture and care for something every day.

15. Discipline the body to discipline the mind.

16. Emotions, like compulsions, pass.

17. Harmony in all things.

18. Enter the divine or let it enter you. It is a rock; it is the wind; it is a  bird’s song.

19. Surrender and become more than you are.