Photographs from thirty years at the Hermitage

03-033 The signs say it all.
03-047A  The birthing house.
04-072 Christian with oxen and sickle bar
09-136 The Nain House before adding the porches.
19-166  Riker was always ready to ride.
20-178 Our Egyptian goose.
03-047 Our own Peaceable Kingdom.
20-181 One of our rare chickens.
08-115 Snows were beautiful but difficult.
09135A  A Nain window
place lamp light
30-232 A turkey poult riding a sheep in happier days,
19-167 A Muscovy.
28-224 Charlotte.
12-142A Christian with very friendly turkeys.

Photographs by Gregg Moore, Peter Sinclair and Peter Lein are used with permission.