Evolution of the Spirit1


Evolution of the Spirit


Spirituality lies at the core of our religious belief here at the Hermitage, a sense of something beyond what can be seen, something sensed which lies on the other side of one’s understanding and knowledge required for daily life, limited as it is by perception, language and social constructs.

The spiritual world is the unknown, expressed in hymns, paintings, the written word and other means which take us beyond the limitations of daily life.

Using robes and a form of ritual to create a sacred place allows us to transcend the everyday world. Sacraments bond us with the spirit, creating a sign of inner harmony. Examples of such sacraments include becoming a consecrated brother, enacting ritual, embracing past prophets such as our founder Christian Renatus von Zinzendorf and the Single Brothers of whom he was the leader. Another example is the building of the Hermitage as a temple of holy ground and joining with its plants and animals to create a New Eden where we live in the moment, as if coming home and knowing it for the first time.

We are on a single journey, guided by an inner spiritual voice whose force becomes stronger our acts and rituals which stimulate the unconscious to bring forth the godliness and unity within.