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Harmonist Spiritual Practices


Suggested Techniques for Creating and Sustaining Inner and Outer Harmony


These are techniques which can be used when buffeted by strong emotion and internal needs which can too easily banish all sense of harmony and union.

Such techniques, which can be individually adapted and created, include singing Harmonist hymns; internal visualization of Harmonist images and paintings; and maintaining perspective, which is key to harmony and union. Through perspective, one can place a difficult situation within a larger context to what is truly important in the bigger scheme of things. On an emotional level, what draws and demands our immediate attention may not seem as important as we become less emotional and can put things in perspective and can determine what is truly important.

Keeping perspective is the essential if sometimes difficult technique for maintaining inner balance, union and harmony in the face of strong emotional contagion. Another technique is the not always possible and often tricky act of avoiding situations one knows will likely evoke strong emotional reactions before they occur.

When overwhelmed by emotion, sometimes all one can do is to be submerged in its tidal wave and wait to come out on the other side when the emotion finally subsides. Such moments and situations are part of the human condition and, by opening oneself up to the emotion, it will be felt and released, returning the self to a balanced sense of calm.