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The Healing Power of Unity


Three personal spiritual goals:

      Create unity

      Experience unity

      Be unity

Unity heals the psychic split between the spirit and the body, between the earth and the spirit. This division says we are alone and apart and leads to the existential dilemma of alienation. However, that is not true. Once that is understood, then we return home, rooted and anchored in the knowledge that we are part of something greater than our apparently separate selves. Separateness is an illusion enforced by perception, language, history, social conditioning, even science, all of which say that we are discreet entities. But the truth is that we are all part of the spirit, of the underlying cosmic energy that pervades the universe. Each of us is an incarnation of the spirit, an eruption and manifestation into the physical world of the basic building block of creation and existence. We are rooted in it as though we were pierced by a giant arrow that plunges into the soil and connects us with the very center of the earth. It is like a great bell whose deep, peeling sound waves resonates through us and binds us in harmony to the depths of our being and existence. It is like the string of a giant instrument which, when plucked, vibrates through us because we are part of it. We are not apart from the world; we are part of the world. 

This unity reveals an inner joy in consciousness and in the act of creation which is the core of our being.