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Tours! Tours! Tours!

Three special tours at the Mahantongo Heritage Center at the Hermitage in Pitman have been announced for the fall of 2022.. These personalized tours go behind-the-scenes to offer in-depth exploration of the collections not generally available.

 October 8, 11 a.m. to Noon – The Heritage Center. Tour the entire Heritage Center with Bro. Johannes as he talks about living in the 1925 Hepler barn when he and Bro. Christian first moved to the land in 1988. The tour then broadens out to include Mahantongo folk art, crafts and locally-made furniture they obtained from area farms, as well as stories of the Pennsylvania Dutch they knew, many of whom are now gone.

 October 22, 11 a.m. to Noon – Doors, Beds and Iron. The Heritage Center has major collections in all three areas and Bro. Johannes will have a show-and-tell with many interesting local examples.

 October 29, 11 a.m. to Noon – The Spinning and Weaving Studio. Bro. Johannes will show textiles, spinning wheels, looms, and related tools, with local examples as well as objects from New England and Europe.

 All tours will last approximately one hour and are free, though donations are gratefully accepted. Free parking is available. Handicapped restroom facilities are available. The main floor of the Heritage Center is also handicapped accessible, but the two balconies are only accessed by stairs. The first floor of the spinning and weaving studio is handicapped accessible, but not the second floor. The buildings are not heated so dress appropriately.

 The Mahantongo Heritage Center is the only museum dedicated solely to the arts, crafts and furniture of the Mahantongo Valley in central Pennsylvania.

 It is part of the Hermitage, a Harmonist spiritual community where the goal of the brothers is to live in harmony and union with earth and spirit.



studio 1

The Spinning and Weaving Studio

barn 4

The Mahantongo Heritage Center


As Harmonists, our goal is to recognize and to act in the inherent unity and harmony of  earth and spirit.

The Hermitage comprises historic buildings, the Mahantongo Heritage Center, exhibits, collections and craft shops, but, most of all, it is community and family; a place where the spirit incarnates in healing, beauty, harmony, and many, many animals and birds. It is a glowing facet of the jewel that is our sacred mother earth.


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“All things are interwoven with one another; a sacred bond unites them; there is scarcely one thing that is isolated from another. Everything is coordinated, everything works together in giving form to the one universe.”

Marcus Aurelius