The Hermitage




                         A Harmonist spiritual center where We are one in 

                                      the spirit and the earth is our family.



It is a fearful time of increased nationalism, sectarianism and tribalism. Finding common ground is a major issue and seems nearly impossible. What could possibly bind us together? As Harmonists, we believe the world is incarnated spirit and energy, which means we come from the same source and are part of that source just as we are part of each other. This concept goes against common sense, the evidence of our senses and even the very nature of language, which divides the world into you and me and everything else. But these are illusions, powerful illusions that, nonetheless, do not reflect the true nature of our being, which is that we are part of a whole, like facets of a jewel. It is impossible to remove a facet without shattering the stone, so integrally are they bound together. At some point, we need to recognize the truth of the Revolutionary War saying “Unite, or die.” Because that is the fate we are facing, to either recognize that we are part of a single organism, or else to perish.

Acting from unity is not easy and the two of us fail at it every day as the cultural and familial heritage which has shaped us, as well as our own genetics, emphasizes we are free and independent beings unbound to anything outside ourselves. But the reality is that there is nothing beyond ourselves because we are part of everything, just as everything is part of us.

All are one, and one is all.

We need a new national motto, no longer “Out of many, one,” but “Out of one, many.”  What else can save us but knowing we are not just spiritual creatures, but actually part of the spirit? The very act of breathing in and out connects us to the spirit, the infinite, and the eternal.

We are indeed one in the spirit, and the earth is our family. Here at the Hermitage, we have created on 63 acres a place where the end of Revelation lives, the lily time where the spirit, as New Jerusalem, and the earth as New Eden, unite in harmony and beauty. It’s not perfect, as Zephram and I are not perfect, but it's a start, like the growth of a new plant from a seed. We are merely the first gardeners.