A Harmonist spiritual center where we are one in the spirit and the earth is our family.



This website introduces the Hermitage in words, music and pictures, with information about upcoming events, as well as the Mahantongo Heritage Center, and how to contact us.




As Harmonists, we seek harmony and balance. We join the spiritual and physical as one, and as a gateway to the unknown. It is our calling to manifest this unknown in creating a center for magical transformation and unity.

The Hermitage is historic buildings, a local history museum, exhibits, collections and craft shops but, most of all, it is community and family; a place where the spirit incarnates in healing, beauty, harmony, and many, many animals and birds. It is a glowing facet of the jewel that is our sacred mother earth.


Hymn No 73 Building an ark copy

Due to concerns over keeping visitors safe during the pandemic, we have decided not to open the Hermitage or the Mahantongo Heritage Center this season, nor will there be an annual open house. Hopefully a vaccine will be available by summer, 2021, so we can safely reopen.     .


Postal mail: The Hermitage, 75 Grove Rd., Pitman, PA 17964 U.S.

Phone: 570-425-2548


Check our videos at and type in “atthehermitage” in the search line.


Members of our family, birds, plants and earth. The new metal well sweep is behind them, replacing two earlier wooden well sweeps we used to get water from the 30-foot, 200-year-old hand-dug well.

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Christian and Johannes have been growing and processing flax to linen since the early 1980s. The website presents historical flax information, flax production and flax items for sale.

The Third Testament tells our spirituality in story by Johannes and in poetry by Christian


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