While our hymns contain the full range of  Harmonist beliefs, we have also written a set of tracts that present our spirituality and life here at the Hermitage in a more discursive format. These currently include “Acting through harmony,” “Animals,” :Christel as a role model for unity,” “Dogma/Dharma,” “Evolution of the spirit,” “Harmonist spiritual practices,” “The healing power of unity,” “The Hermitage as a pilgrimage site,” “The Hidden Seed,” “How one becomes one,”

Six things we want you to know about the Hermitage

1. The Hermitage is a Harmonist spiritual center where harmony between earth and spirit creates union with the divine. (JZ)
2. We have the freedom to express ourselves as the spirit moves us here at the Hermitage. It allows us to remain aware of everything around us as being a part of ourselves. (ZC)
3. The Hermitage is an ark where we are one in the spirit and the earth is our family. (JZ)
4.  Spirituality here is an evolutionary process, without an end, living in the moment, and letting ourselves trust in the unknown. (ZC)
5. To recognize ourselves and the planet as incarnated spirit provides a new context of understanding in which we nurture ourselves by nurturing the earth and others. We recognize the appearance of separateness is   an illusion. (JZ)
6. This is a spiritual garden, the land, plants and animals form a living family and become a New Eden where we find consciousness and a wholeness in all things around us.  (ZC)


Hermitage emblem

The lily time at the end of Revelation is our emblem, when New Jerusalem and New Eden unite in wholeness, and the quill is our writing.